Our favourite sites


In this website you have to find a dog. It was easy to look around. For games we clicked on the dog. It didn't have many words to read, but there were bits we didn't like. (Alex, Hannah and Jerome)

Monster Motel

This site is interesting because it's all about monsters. We liked reading what was on the site because it was funny. We liked all the things about monsters and it was easy to move around. It was interesting to read because you could also read other people's work. We liked the interactive story best because you write in words and it makes it into a story. (Jerome, Shadie, Adon and Gary)


Football: France 98 site

We like football and we like the players. It has pictures of people popping up. It tells you about everything from players to mascots. We liked the buttons to click and we liked how much information there was. (Steven and Ricky)

Cartoon Network

I liked this website because it is fun to play with cartoon characters on the computer. You can even find lots of interesting games to play. (Shadie)


Disney is on telly and is famous all around the world. We liked looking at the characters. It is easy to move around because there are pictures for buttons. Some of the time it doesn't work [without the right plugins]. We didn't read anything, because it was all pictures. We liked the cartoons and all the activities. We liked how easy it was to use and understand. (Shabaaz, Chereen, Shyann, Steven, Ricky & Sherealyn)


This site is interesting because there are lots of things to do. It was easy to look around and there was lots to do. We could make up our own wordsearch and print it out. (Paige, Anthony and Tamara)


I like the CITV website because it is very exciting and full of cartoons. It tells you loads of information. (Hannah)


I really liked Hotwheels. I liked the "Get ready to rumble". And there's lots of other good levels on Hotwheels. (Jerome) My favourite website was the Hotwheels one. I liked the racing and when you had to go through the assault course one, where you try to get to the finish line. And it has good graphics. It also has good effects. (Adon)

Some storytelling sites

Telling Tales

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With thanks to Ann Fairbairn, Storyteller for Adventures in Cyberspace

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Gwen Grant's website: our visiting author

Rainbow Web: when Jay woke up inside a computer

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